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What is the main object? Scientific name. Avoid common words like „sunny“, be precise. What do you see? What happens, what does the protagonist do? overview, details, Background, Environment, Special, Related to ... (zB. Flugzeug zu Urlaub...), Nobody, populated, one, two, ... Location shown / created: Be aware of common locations. Stock Footage, photo, Auflösung, Codec, Bittiefe, project framerate, Framerate recorded (Time lapse, Slow Motion) Scene: car scene, action scene, outdoors, indoors, studio, Perspektive (zum mehrfachen Auswählen oder nix)POV (point of view shot), ..., high-angle shot, bird's-eye view, ... Eye Level, ... low-angle shot, worm's-eye view, ... dutch angle, , close up, closeup, close-up, Extreme, macro, medium shot, long shot, day, night, golden hour, magic hour, .... blue hour, .... Alpenglow, Venus's Girdle, dusk, Dawn, ... „Move“ zooming, tilting, panning, pedestal (Not tilting, but physically moving the height of the camera up or down), crane (includes jib, boom and other devices for complex movements)dolly (The camera is set on tracks or wheels and moved towards or back from a subject), truck (Trucking is like dollying, but it involves motion left or right, tracking shot)Lock Down, aerial, handheld, rack focus, stabilized (Steadycam, Gyro, Gimbal)crazy (any unusual camera movement), seasonspring, summer, autumn, winter, snowmelt,


Schreibe einen Satz, der die Szene gut beschreibt, das ist wichtig für Google. Area, region, place, Season and year, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Stock Footage, photo, 4K, Raw


Kategorie: Mindestens eine, maximal zwei angeben.Animals/Wildlife, Art, Backgrounds/Textures, Buildings / Landmarks, Business/Finance, Education, Food and Drink, Health Care, Holidays, Industrial, Nature, Objects, People, Religion, Science, Signs/Symbols,

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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, 12bit, RAW

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